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In The Beginning...

Take a deep breath in and allow the cool fall air to fill your lungs with excitement. Exhale slowly recalling every single day of waking to the sun rising through the mist on the lake. The dock comes into view; the first sparkle on the water appears as you sip that well-earned cup of strong black coffee. Safely place those moments when you walked your ground and said to yourself…I can’t believe I got here.

It’s fall, the end of the year for seasonal cottage resorts. Breathe….try to control the laughter. After all that satanic flying red squirrel that’s been trying to take you out all season may be watching and you wouldn’t want him to think you are weak and time for him to move in for the taking…

Say Auf Wiedersehen, Paalam, Arrivederci to your amigos the pack of red fox that you swear understand several languages and converse over your natural talent of raking the beach only to laugh their tails off as they dig up the sand as soon as you turn your back.

Yes, a lot of little quirks you have developed, plots, schemes, wildlife calls, jack or jill of all trades and master of lining up the Muskoka chairs.

The people, wow the stories you have heard. The smiles and laughter you have been a part of, the list of firsts you took pictures of…the first jump in the lake, the first ever fish caught, the first bonfire, the first encounter with bugs as a mob scene,  first loves, first hello’s.

It’s not always easy though, not even close. Toilets plugging, porch boards need replacing, painting, gardening, roofing, cleaning, cutting grass, sweeping, trying to be the world’s most perfect host. Trying to figure out what to answer when a phone reservation asks…”are there bugs there”? Hmm…how to tell someone that we have air piranha in Ontario. Or respectfully telling the dude in the speedo at the tip of the dock to please refrain from using his beer as a mic and performing his finest Don Giovanni. There will be days…hence the mornings of strong black coffee and the excitement that filled your lungs knowing you are free, yes free for an entire winter because fall is here!!

But all joking aside, if you think to yourself that maybe you would like to become a cottage resort owner in this fine province of ours….Let me give you the route that takes you there.

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October 30th 2015